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About Bob

I’ve long been interested in wood and the wonderful objects that can be made from wood. My father showed me that it was possible to make things not necessarily perfect in dimension, but perfect in form. That form, to me, is dictated by the piece of wood that I have at the time, it’s grain structure, color and unique shape.

As a Woodturner, I like to emphasize the exquisite qualities of wood – the beauty of grain, color, figure or burl patterns. It’s really a powerful influence on the public’s perception of the beauty of all wood… Some pieces yield unbelievable interior structure, sort of like opening a rock geode and finding outstanding beauty on the inside.

Most of what I create comes from “found” wood, salvaged wood, sometimes called “curb wood”. There is an amazing amount of wood (trees) for the taking, particularly just after a storm, or trees that have just given up and fallen to the ground. Not all is suitable for turning, but with a sharp eye as to what may be on the inside, I can select wood that likely will yield beautiful pieces. Some of the pieces are functional as to use, such as cutting boards, salad bowls, containers for foliage (dried and wet), and just plain beautiful pieces of art!

Wood will warp or distort according to its grain pattern, placement within the tree and other factors such as moisture content and humidity levels. It’s fascinating to take a chunk of wood, turn it down, and discover the beauty hidden below the surface. Each cut reveals a part of the mystery awaiting as the wood spins and the shavings fly. Turning a log or block of wood into a work of art is a very satisfying experience!

I shape the given piece, but the rest is truly “Forest Architecture”, as described by David Ellsworth, one of the foremost turners in the world.

The pieces I craft are both large and small. In addition to large bowls, platters, vases, I also include spinning tops, key rings, finger ring holders, oil (confetti) lamps, Christmas ornaments, Jewelry boxes, all from beautifully grained wood.

If a piece you select is not available or you have seen a particular piece that in no longer listed, just contact me and I will be delighted to craft a similar piece for you.

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